CAEP Standards & Evidence

Standard 1: Content and Pedagogical Knowledge
The provider ensures that candidates develop an understanding of the critical concepts and principles of their discipline and facilitates candidates’ reflection of their personal biases to increase their understanding and practice of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The provider is intentional in the development of their curriculum and clinical experiences for candidates to demonstrate their ability to effectively work with diverse P-12 students and their families.

R1.1 The Learner and Learning
R1.2 Content
R1.3 Instructional Practice
R1.4 Professional Responsibility

Standard 2: Clinical Partnerships and Practice
The provider ensures effective partnerships and high-quality clinical practice are central to candidate preparation. These experiences should be designed to develop candidate’s knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to demonstrate positive impact on diverse students’ learning and development. High quality clinical practice offers candidates experiences in different settings and modalities, as well as with diverse P-12 students, schools, families, and communities. Partners share responsibility to identify and address real problems of practice candidates experience in their engagement with P-12 students.

R2.1 Partnerships for Clinical Preparation
R2.2 Clinical Educators
R2.3 Clinical Experiences

Standard 3: Candidate Recruitment, Progression, and Support
The provider demonstrates the quality of candidates is a continuous and purposeful focus from recruitment through completion. The provider demonstrates that development of candidate quality is the goal of educator preparation and that the EPP provides supports services (such as advising, remediation, and mentoring) in all phases of the program so candidates will be successful.

R3.1 Recruitment
R3.2 Monitoring and Supporting Candidate Progression
R3.3 Competency at Completion

Standard 4: Program Impact
The provider demonstrates the effectiveness of its completers’ instruction on P-12 student learning and development, and completer and employer satisfaction with the relevance and effectiveness of preparation.

R4.1 Completer Effectiveness
R4.2 Satisfaction of Employers
R4.3 Satisfaction of Completers

Standard 5: Quality Assurance System and Continuous Improvement
The provider maintains a quality assurance system that consists of valid data from multiple measures and supports continuous improvement that is sustained and evidence-based. The system is developed and maintained with input from internal and external stakeholders. The provider uses the results of inquiry and data collection to establish priorities, enhance program elements, and highlight innovations.

R5.1 Quality Assurance System
R5.2 Data Quality
R5. 3 Stakeholder Involvement
R5.4 Continuous Improvement


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