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University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla

Education and Physical Education Department

English Department

Teacher Preparation Program


This Teacher Preparation Program is based on a learning communities’ perspective under which everyone can develop, participate, and grow through community involvement. As a result, learning communities, teamwork, and cooperative cork of the highest caliber as a fundamental part of our program. Furthermore, the general education component places emphasis on areas such as content knowledge, skills, dispositions, ethics, and educational technology.

Our program also places great importance on academic activities such as creative expression for the development of the candidate as well as other members of the university community. We consider the human being as an active part of its own development and learning, so we provide the space for this growth. Consequently, our candidates develop the capacity to produce and integrate history, society, and culture into their teaching in dynamic ways.


The mission of our Teacher Preparation Program is in harmony with the goals and objectives of the University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla Strategic Plan. This innovative teacher preparation program is committed to the development of elementary and secondary highly qualified educators with sound knowledge in general education, in the principles, concepts, and processes of the discipline they plan to teach and in the effective and creative use of educational technology for the development of powerful teaching and learning strategies.


In accordance with the vision of the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla, this Teacher Preparation Program responds to the commitment of being a model of excellence. The program completers will be recognized as knowledgeable, reflective, and transforming professionals in continuous learning, with the capacity to modify educational processes within a global and democratic society. In addition, they will model social responsibility, respect, commitment, ethics, and sensitivity towards human beings, their environment, and their culture.

Areas of Study:

PPM-UPRAG Professional Dispositions

  • Candidates should demonstrate that they:
  1. Respect diversity.
  2. Model and promote fairness.
  3. Apply a reflective approach towards teaching and learning.
  4. Recognize that every student has the potentiality to learn.

The PPM UPRAg has been placed under Probationary Status by the accreditation agency (CAEP) in November 2019 and the probation visit is scheduled for November 21-23, 2021.