Satisfaction of Employers and Stakeholder Involvement

The Department of Education and Physical Education at the University of Puerto Rico have the opportunity to established communications and alliance with different public and private schools.

In 2021-2022 we did a study in a Christian Private School located in the Northwest of Puerto Rico.  Where 10 completers were evaluated in twelve areas. (See the Completer Effectiveness and Impact on P-12 Student Learning).

In 2022-2023 we have the opportunity to have alliances with the following public and private schools, located in the Northwest of Puerto Rico as well.

Elementary Schools

  • Ana M. Javariz Elementary School
  • Antonio Badillo Hernández
  • Conchita Igartúa de Suárez
  • Antonio González Hernández
  • Colegio San Francisco de Asis
  • Anselvo Villarubia

High Schools

  • Juan Suárez Pelegrina High School
  • Benito Cerezo Vázquez High School
  • Francisco Mendoza High School
  • SU Conchita Igartúa de Suárez High School
  • SU Epifanio Estrada High School
  • Carib Christian School

The Practice Coordinator had a meeting with the Superintendent of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico (DEPR).  In this meeting the UPR-Aguadilla and the DEPR established an alliance where their cooperative teacher receives an online professional development from April 22, 2023, until May 6, 2023. This will help the Clinical Educators to acquire the 13 hours that are required for the DEPR to renew their license as a Clinical Educator, better known for them as the Cooperative Teacher.

The Department of Education and Physical Education of the UPR-Aguadilla invited the stakeholders to a conference and fraternization name Más fuertes juntos: Conexiones, confraternización y comunidad.  In this activity we have the opportunity to share and exchange impression of the experiences that the students had in their practice centers.  At least seven stakeholders or their representatives participated in this activity.