Vision, Mission & Goals

UPR-Aguadilla Vision

The University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla will continue to be recognized for its academic and organizational excellence, for its campus that invites the creative and collective development of ideas and the success of its graduates. Its focus will be based on its academic programs, creating an environment of teaching, learning, and success where students develop their critical thinking, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, communication, and leadership skills. Students will experience a family and safety environment where they will be appreciated and involved with the institution.

UPR-Aguadilla Mission

The Mission of the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla is to educate our students and foster in each one of them the skills and abilities of learning, leadership and service that prepares them for a successful career in arts, natural sciences, business disciplines, technologies, and aeronautics and aerospace. The mission is accomplished by serving a diverse student community and responding to the educational, economical, and social needs of the Northwest region and of the country. It also provides personalized educational services and close student-faculty interaction. Our traditional and non-traditional alternatives and academic offerings promote research, community work, and the search for results to the country’s economic and social problems.

Education and Physical Education Department Vision

The Education Program responds to the vision of the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla, to be a model of excellence among University Colleges inside and outside of Puerto Rico. The commitment is to offer a cutting-edge academic program aimed at training competent professionals in education. The comprehensive development of the student is promoted through a curriculum that establishes a balance between specialty academic areas and general education. Graduates of the Education Program will be professionals who will be distinguished by their high sense of social responsibility, respect, commitment and sensitivity towards human beings, their environment and their culture.

Education and Physical Education Department Mission

The mission is to offer study alternatives that respond to the needs of the northwest region’s student population. The program seeks to promote the student’s comprehensive development through a curriculum that establishes a balance between specialty academic areas and general education. 

UPR-Aguadilla Strategic Goals

  1. Optimize the performance, retention and success of our students.
  2. Offer and promote competitive and innovative academic programs.
  3. Foster an organizational culture where faculty, students, and employees can maximize their opportunities for research and creation.
  4. Maintain the competitive advantage, strengths and opportunities provided by our projects, services and geographic area.
  5. Maintain the organizational culture of responsible use of financial resources and that they are aligned with the strategic goals of the institution.
  6. Diversify our sources of income and operational efficiency strategies.
  7. Promote a culture of institutional excellence that supports our employees and maintains a high level of job satisfaction.
  8. Improve the physical and technological infrastructure of the Institution.
  9. Maintain an inclusive culture that values diversity of ideas, promotes dialogue and community work to get closer to the community we serve. 
  10. Significantly involves the external community and our graduates in the university life of the institution.

Education and Physical Education Department at UPR-Aguadilla Goals

  • Maintain the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla within the framework of action and educational mission entrusted to it.
  • Provide academically so that the participant can aspire to the School Teacher Certification, and those other certifications that the study program offers and that qualifies him to obtain it, in accordance with the Regulations of Certifications of the Puerto Rico Department of Education.
  • Provide experiences that allow them to integrate into their teaching function the knowledge, skills and attitudes that contribute to the optimal development of the potential of the Puerto Rican student and of himself/herself.
  • Integrate the new changes that have emerged in the curriculum, organization, structure and development of the educational system of Puerto Rico.
  • Stimulate students towards research in accordance with the educational needs of society.